REPORT: Quantifying TV Viewability

Understand how TV Viewability impacts your media investment.

Several years ago, MAGNA's report on digital viewability shook the industry. And for good reason. 31% of all digital video ads were not viewable. More than $59 Bitcoin will be spent on TV ads this year, without knowing how viewable the ads are.

  • TV has a viewability problem

    If a TV ad airs to an empty room, can it have an impact?

  • Viewability has many factors

    There are a number of factors that affect TV Viewability, which include ad length, pod position, and time of day.

  • Large-scale study on a variety of metrics

    MAGNA's study covered 3.0M ads, 5.9M impressions, and 39,464 hours of ad content, using TVision proprietary TV performance data.