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How to be a digital marketer updated 2019-2020

By on 08 July 2019

How to be a digital marketer updated 2019-2020

“Digital marketing is the process of advertising your products and services by using online marketing platforms”.
Digital marketing is the type of advertisement by using internet and electronic devices. There are a lot of platform where you target your audience or market. Business leverage digital channels such as Facebook, social media marketing, email marketing and websites to connect with current and prospective customers. Digital marketing is the perfect way to show your ads to specific and targeted audience with efficient way.

How to be a digital marketer updated 2019-2020

Who is Digital Marketer?

Digital marketer or digital marketing manager is a person who develops, implement, manage marketing campaigns of digital marketing and manage all types of activities which can advertise the products and services of company. Digital marketer plays a major to enhancement the brand, products and services within the digital space as well as driving website traffic and grabbing new customers. In this process a digital marketer manages many activities.

  • A digital marketing manager is responsible to manage all types of actives related to digital marketing. He/she is also responsible to identify and evaluate new digital technologies to target more and more customer with the same interest as our products and services. Digital marketer also use different tools to measure site traffic to optimize marketing campaigns, email marketing, social media marketing, display and search advertising.
  •  Digital marketing manager is responsible for driving interested customers with the goal of improving brand recognition, trust and the main goal is to improve purchase intent.
  •  He/she will do everything from developing media strategies that put our brand, products and services in front of our most target customers who are most interested in our product and services to writing and patching content, digging through the trenches of web analytics to unearth invaluable info about our target and most purified customers.

What type creativity required to be a digital marketer?

Digital marketing is a broad term and field which has a lot of types of digital marketing. If you want to be a digital marketer or digital marketing manager you have to develop these types of skill in yourself. Then you can be a successful digital marketer.
Leadership is the best weapon in every field of life. If you thing, you can lead the community or manage the people. You can be a successful digital marketing manager. Because this job requires you influence others to drive results through collaboration. Said Sandra Rand “You must be able to work with colleagues and contacts at all levels of an organization to develop compelling offers and drive growth”.

Writing skills:
A digital marketing manager should has strong writing skills to create effectively communicate your brand’s message. If you create attractive message for your brand, it means you can successfully grab the customer to your brand.
Data Analysis Skills:
If you want to be a digital marketing manager, this skill is paramount. Because you have to analysis customer’s data very carefully and choose the most interested customers with your brand. You have to analysis your customer’s age, interest, needs, attentions, likes and dislikes about products and much more things to successfully target them in your brand’s ads.
Reporting Tools:
Reporting tools are those tools which use to help create reports of customers with same interest and age. This reports help to start successful campaigns to focused audience. A digital marketer must know about all the reporting tools and should have knowledge about how to use these tools.

If you are not creative then I think you should change your interest, don’t waste your time to be a marketing manager. Because digital marketing manager have to create attention grabbing banners, videos and attractive messages to attract customers towards your brand.
Risk Taker:
Digital manager is a person who can change your product to brand or change your brand to product. Said Emig “A digital manager has to not afraid to try new things, take chances, fail and test everything.”

SEO and SEM:


He is also responsible for ensuring that the customers can access website or any platform which he is using for digital marketing. Optimization website structure and content for search engines (SEO) and the use of paid online. Advertising (SEM) are the best two methods help the digital marketers to drive relevant traffic to website.

Platforms which can use for digital marketing:

Digital marketing manager should also know about these platform, he/she have to use these platforms to target audience.
Google is a search engine, most popular and most using search engine in the world. It is also an advertising master of the internet. All digital marketing managers use Google to advertising their products and services via Google Search Network.
Google has the largest search network in the world. By using Google, advertising manager rank advertise their products and services on target keywords in form of ads. When people search for a keyword, he/she get the result websites. Their ads show to customers there.
Google is worth $375 billion because pay per click ads in search results are that powerful. A digital marketer can get in front of people exactly when they are actively looking for your exact products and services.



Facebook is a social media platform, Facebook had 2.32 billion monthly active users report of a survey in 2018. If you can use this platform to get audience and promote your product or services, you can grab a large number of audience to your product. Facebook give facility to promote brands vie Facebook page. Digital marketer have to create Facebook with most targeted audience by age, interest, gender etc.

Then you have to share your product and services in this page. You have to create best message, attractive image or video about your product. People will like and come to purchase products. This platform is the best method to share products and grab customers to your products. This topic is How to be a digital marketer updated 2019-2020. 

Website is the combination of more than one pages. We design and develop a website via content. People visit you website to search information. When visitors of website cross the limit of minimum 10000, then we can use ads of different companies to our website and can earn money. A digital marketing manager should know how to use ads of different products on websites.

Email Marketing (MailChimp):

Mailchimp is one of the maximum popular email advertising carrier corporations inside the worldwide extra often than not due to the truth they provide an all of the time loose email marketing carrier plan.
If you’re the usage of WordPress, then see our final guide to using MailChimp and WordPress for precise instructions. MailChimp resource is obtainable via using email, live chat, and a large tutorials understanding-base.MailChimp offers an all the time unfastened plan which lets in you to deliver 12,000 emails for up to 2,000 subscribers.
Their paid plans start from $10/month for as a lot as 500 subscribers, and the pricing will growth inside the increment of 500 subscribers.


If you have these skills as well as you know about these platforms which a digital marketing manager can use to advertise products and services. Then you can be a successfully digital marketer. But if you don’t know about above mentions platforms and have not skills then I would like to recommend you to please learn about them first. Then you can get the best results. This topic is This topic is How to be a digital marketer updated 2019-2020.

How to be a digital marketer updated 2019-2020

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